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3 Things The Big Brands Don't Tell You...[How To Get More Time Back Detailing Cars]

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

What the "BIG" brands won't dare tell you about the products they are selling. You may change your purchasing decisions after this.

Have you ever wondered why you spend so much money on that 22oz bottle of 3 in 1 wax, all purpose cleaner, tire shine, or wash and wax that claim to be full strength and you still end up putting a full 30 minute cardio session in to get the result you are looking for after your done washing and drying the vehicle?

The reality is most brands cut corners to save their bottom lines in this rising inflation economy. Most automotive detailers spend hundreds of dollars per week to detail their clients vehicles. Professional detailers take pride in the results of their work and every hour is valuable in this line of work. The more time they spend fighting a perfect detail with less than effective cleaning products is more lost revenue at the end of the day.

Let's paint a picture here. You wake up at 6am, have you coffee and breakfast. Leave the house at 6:30am to make it to your first detail job at 7am. You pressure wash the car, spray all purpose cleaner and the tires, wheels, and wheel wells. The big brand all purpose cleaner is not taking the brake dust off the wheel and tires. Now you have to go through each wheel with a long list of brushes to get the nasty stuff out before you pressure wash them off. Before you know it you've lost 10 minutes.

#1 Big Brand Deception

You arrive at the auto detail supply shop needing to purchase your weeks supplies. Before you know it, you have $400 worth of supplies. What you may know already, but dont like to admit or have a hard time finding an alternative is that 60 gallon wash concentrate, 40 dollar 22oz spray wax, 30 dollar gallon of tire shine has all been mixed before they packaged it and the so call "concentrate" is now less effective. This is where Clean-It recognizes a weakness and we claim to never sell you something that isn't as described. We are less money than the big brands and deliver the performance you are looking for.

Now you move your attention to the whole body of the car. You pressure wash it all to get the first layer of dust before putting your soap on. You pour the big brands car soap concentrate into your foam cannon. You lather the whole car in that thick foam from the foam cannon, scrub the whole body of the car with a soft wash glove and then rinse off. The paint has some streaks behind it and you need to apply a quick spray wax to acheive the shine you want. The spray on wax takes you a couple passes with a rag to get the streaking to go away and now you get the full shine.

#2 Big Brand Deception

Have you ever had an expensive $150 foam cannon that stops making the foam? Instead of buying a new cannon you try to get the parts to replace to start making foam again. Most auto supply shops sell these rebuild kits for $40. The reality is you can buy our Clean-It Foam Cannon Kit for $49.95 and if you want a bottle of our Power Soap Concentrate we have a Foam Cannon Kit Bundle for $59.95 which comes with an extra replacement kit in the event it needs to be rebuilt. The mark up on these products have gone through the roof.

Next, you have the interior to work on. This vehicle has a tan interior and has black marks all over the trim. You use your all purpose cleaner to clean them off and you find yourself having to put some extra elbow grease into the black marks to eliminate them. You do the same on those stubborn floor mats. Before you know it the clock said 10am. You still have 3 more washes scheduled that same day. The first wash took you an hour longer than it should have by the time you got done working for that perferct result.

#3 Big Brand Deception

Most Interior cleaners are marked up because they claim to be "specialty" cleaning products that have some magical formulation. The reality is they are no better than a good all purpose cleaner. Get yourself a non-acid all purpose cleaner that is gentle on plastic, but strong enough to cut the dirt. Speed Clean by Clean-It is an all purpose cleaner that is safe for plastic, metal, electrical, and carpet. It does not fade or strip color from any surface.

Imagine if you saved an hour for every wash you had scheduled. You do 4 washes per day which would add up to an extra 4 hours of saved time in your day. What would you do with the extra 4 hours? Another clients car? More quality time with the family? Thats the beauty of taking more time back for youself. It's YOUR time to maximize.

At Clean-It, we VALUE whats most important to us and you. TIME and MONEY! We don't sell watered down "CONCENTRATES" like the big brands. If it doesn't save us time, energy, and money then we don't sell it. We have had several professional car detailers claim all of our products have gained them time they normally lose looking for their desired results on clients vehicles. Take back some control in your business.

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